Where Did Julius Come From?

First of all, I feel the need to start with a disclaimer: Ken does not approve of the moniker “Julius” for our 2012 Open Range 375BHS.  So for all those cute full-time RVers who lovingly refer to their homes by name, power to you, but that’s not us. (He cringes when I say it…but I am no more dissuaded by that than I was by his disdain for my naming our former TrailManor “Jess”, in honor of my favorite show at the time, “The New Girl.”)  I chose the name Julius because it’s an Open Range, which naturally abbreviates to O-Range, which sounds like the word orange, which reminds me of Orange Julius (a drink I am particularly fond of), or just Julius for short.  Any questions? Continue reading “Where Did Julius Come From?”

When Ken and I met, in 2013, he had recently purchased a Coleman pop-up camper.  When he asked me if I liked camping, I immediately flashed back to a camping trip I’d taken in junior high school, when a gigantic banana spider decided to share our tent.  My friend and I screamed for her mom, who quickly got rid of it and told us to calm down and try to sleep. Moments after settling down, we found its twin brother on the roof of the tent, so we ‘camped’ in the minivan. Continue reading “Do You Like Camping?”