Was I being glib when I said that the COVID-19 quarantine wasn’t really affecting us? No, just optimistic…but I stand corrected; it has. Though about 40% of the nation’s campgrounds closed, we were staying within the Thousand Trails system, which we are members of. They extended our reservation at our spot in Whitney, TX so we wouldn’t have to move so soon, and our next reservation would have been honored, BUT…we had a planned to camp in TX to visit family and friends, then OKC for the same purpose, then Kansas (for my son’s graduation and Ken’s family reunion), then Missouri (to camp with family), then Iowa, then Wisconsin, then Michigan (for my family reunion), then Indiana, then finally Nashville (for my 30th high school reunion). As campgrounds began to shut down and our events got cancelled or rescheduled one by one, we decided we needed to reevaluate our plans and our purpose. I can honestly say we never asked ourselves what happens when it’s not safe to travel when we started full-time RV life. Continue reading “So, Now What?”