In a word: nowhere. Ever since we went off the road in April, we haven’t gotten out much. We were blessed to enjoy some local attractions (beautiful waterfalls), the lake, and spending time with family in the area, but we were itching to get back out on the road. As per my last blog post, we decided it made economical sense to eliminate our camper payment, since we have a mortgage again. Continue reading “Where Have You Been?”

Recently, a friend posted a link on Facebook to an article about unusual things people bought during the COVID-19 quarantine. Some took up new hobbies, tried different foods, and used services they hadn’t previously tried. I wanted so badly to comment, “Wait’ll you see what we bought,” but I bit my tongue (fingers?) because it wasn’t a sure thing yet. I couldn’t keep a secret from my immediate family, but this is our first big ‘reveal’ to the rest of you… Continue reading “What Surprising Things Have You Purchased in 2020?”

Was I being glib when I said that the COVID-19 quarantine wasn’t really affecting us? No, just optimistic…but I stand corrected; it has. Though about 40% of the nation’s campgrounds closed, we were staying within the Thousand Trails system, which we are members of. They extended our reservation at our spot in Whitney, TX so we wouldn’t have to move so soon, and our next reservation would have been honored, BUT…we had a planned to camp in TX to visit family and friends, then OKC for the same purpose, then Kansas (for my son’s graduation and Ken’s family reunion), then Missouri (to camp with family), then Iowa, then Wisconsin, then Michigan (for my family reunion), then Indiana, then finally Nashville (for my 30th high school reunion). As campgrounds began to shut down and our events got cancelled or rescheduled one by one, we decided we needed to reevaluate our plans and our purpose. I can honestly say we never asked ourselves what happens when it’s not safe to travel when we started full-time RV life. Continue reading “So, Now What?”

You might be wondering how things have changed for us now that the whole country—or whole world, I guess—is sheltering in place.  Oddly enough, the more things change, the more they stay the same for us. If you look at how we spend our days, you’ll see no difference whatsoever. Ken still works online Monday through Thursday for 10 hours each day, and I still do my reading, assignments, cooking and whatever else I need to do. We haven’t had a problem social distancing; when we go out for our morning run-walks or evening strolls, we rarely see anyone; when we do, we or they go to the other side of the road, waving or saying hello as we pass one another. We’re naturally a bit reclusive, so this lifestyle is ideal for quarantining. Continue reading “What’s It Like to Quarantine in an RV?”

I’m not sure where Julius went, but hopefully to a happy home! He had plenty of life left and was recently sold by Fort Walton Beach RV Brokers to his fourth owner (for about a third of what we originally paid for him—gulp! They depreciate so quickly…) We will fondly remember the months we spent in our old 2012 Open Range 375BHS, but when standing at the crossroads of keeping or selling it, we chose the latter. It just had too many issues that needed to be addressed, and we weren’t sure how much time and money we should put into an older rig. Continue reading “Where Did Julius Go?”

As we’ve been wintering with the snowbirds for the past couple of months, I have lost track of the amount of times people have remarked, “Aren’t you a little young to be retired?” Having lived in a college town for several years in Kansas, I’m more accustomed to being the oldest person in the room, not the youngest, but here I feel like a kid—thanks! Anyway, this always launches us into a discussion about how we’re definitely not retired; Ken’s a working stiff and I’m a Master’s student. Continue reading “Aren’t You a Little Young to be Retired?”

No, we’re not homeless, as Merriam-Webster defines homelessness as “having no home or permanent place of residence,” and we have a place to live; it’s just not a traditional, permanently-placed dwelling. If I had a nickel for everyone who finds out we sold our home and moved into a fifth-wheel travel trailer who said they couldn’t imagine not having a house, I’d be able to buy myself a small Frosty at Wendy’s. So what did it feel like to leave our big ‘ole house behind? Here’s what was running through my mind on September 30th—closing day for 11629 N. Oldfield Lane: Continue reading “So, Technically You’re Homeless?”


What Did We Do With All of Our Stuff?

As you know, there are countless articles, blogs, and even companies dedicated to the art of downsizing. A few years ago, my daughter recommended that I read “The Art of Tidying Up” by the now-famous Marie Kondo. My take-aways from that book: yes, I have too much stuff, but no, I will never thank my shoes for holding my stinky feet or my purse for carrying all my crap—is she for real? Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Continue reading “What Did We Do With All of Our Stuff?”

Where Did Julius Come From?

First of all, I feel the need to start with a disclaimer: Ken does not approve of the moniker “Julius” for our 2012 Open Range 375BHS.  So for all those cute full-time RVers who lovingly refer to their homes by name, power to you, but that’s not us. (He cringes when I say it…but I am no more dissuaded by that than I was by his disdain for my naming our former TrailManor “Jess”, in honor of my favorite show at the time, “The New Girl.”)  I chose the name Julius because it’s an Open Range, which naturally abbreviates to O-Range, which sounds like the word orange, which reminds me of Orange Julius (a drink I am particularly fond of), or just Julius for short.  Any questions? Continue reading “Where Did Julius Come From?”