Why Texas?

  If you happen to follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed that we spent a great deal of time in Texas this year. I’ve had people ask what we were doing there for so long, so this is the answer…

Where Have You Been?

In a word: nowhere. Ever since we went off the road in April, we haven’t gotten out much. We were blessed to enjoy some local attractions (beautiful waterfalls), the lake, and spending time with family in the area, but we were itching to get back out on the road. As […]

So, Now What?

Was I being glib when I said that the COVID-19 quarantine wasn’t really affecting us? No, just optimistic…but I stand corrected; it has. Though about 40% of the nation’s campgrounds closed, we were staying within the Thousand Trails system, which we are members of. They extended our reservation at our […]

Where Did Julius Go?

I’m not sure where Julius went, but hopefully to a happy home! He had plenty of life left and was recently sold by Fort Walton Beach RV Brokers to his fourth owner (for about a third of what we originally paid for him—gulp! They depreciate so quickly…) We will fondly […]

So, Technically You’re Homeless?

No, we’re not homeless, as Merriam-Webster defines homelessness as “having no home or permanent place of residence,” and we have a place to live; it’s just not a traditional, permanently-placed dwelling. If I had a nickel for everyone who finds out we sold our home and moved into a fifth-wheel […]